Patron Self Service Room Bookings Web Portal

BookingsPlus provides a Patron Self Service Web Portal which enables patrons to create their own Room Bookings for the future, which is controlled by the parameters configured by the organisation.

Some of the parameters that you can configure for the Patron Self Service Web Portal include:

  • Multi day bookings

  • Maximum recurrence

To access (and display) the link to the Patron Self Service Web Portal go to the Navigation Menu and click the PC Bookings link in the Details column. This is described in this article.

Select the required room

Tip: rooms/resource which have the Allow web bookings parameter set as Disable will be hidden from public access.

Click on the Available link for the selected date

Tip: you can configure the minimum number of days in advance a booking can be made

The Patron can then Sign In with their Email and PIN or use the Register now! link