PCs for Booking

For each location you can create and configure the Public Internet PCs that are available to be booked.

To configure these settings for a location:

  • Choose Content Management from the top menu bar

  • Select PC Bookings (this link may have a different name depending on your menu configuration)

  • Choose the PC icon next to the location name

A list of Public Internet PCs are displayed for the selected location.

To create a new PC click the Add (+) icon

To modify the settings for a PC click the Edit (pencil) icon under the PC.

To delete a PC click the Delete (X) icon under the PC.


Computer name
Computer name as it appears on the Staff PC Bookings calendar

Display computer on booking sheet
If this is set to "no", then the computers will not be displayed on the bookings page by default. However staff can display it by clicking on the "show computers" link. Computers without the self booking client software would be set to "No".

Allocated booking types
This allows you to associate one or more booking types to a computer. At least one booking type must be associated to the computer before it can be booked.

Client authentication

  • PC ID - this is required when configuring the PC Booking Client

  • Password - this is required when configuring the PC Booking Client

  • IP Address - if using this method the requires that there is no NAT firewall between the intranet server and client machines and the PC has a static IP

  • Poll Client - normally set to No. If the client PC is running Apache as part of client installation, you can enable "poll client". The intranet will immediately notify the client PC of booking changes, otherwise client PC will poll every 30 seconds.

Display Colour
Default the bookings page will display using alternating row colours using the intranet colour scheme. You can however have the column for each computer display in a defined colour. This may be of use to prevent staff error, if you have different booking types associated to different computers

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